Stronger self-advocacy and becoming a meaningful part of the process. These are our ultimate goals when partnering with our clients from day one. We at BMB & Associates believe in each of our clients’ missions and strive to ensure that you have the connections and the resources needed to impact the laws and policies that shape your profession. We work with each client to provide a full understanding of Maryland’s legislative process and the players involved, and act as a nexus for all relevant parties to come together so that you can have a powerful voice in the process.

Comprehensive Legislative & Regulatory

Directly educate government officials about your issues. We target key decision-makers to facilitate action on your issues and meet regularly with key legislators and officials on matters that affect your organization. While we will be most active during the 90-day Session, effective lobbying requires year-round contact.

Initiate legislation, research issues, draft legislation, secure legislative sponsors, and advocate for successful passage of your legislation. Using a confidential, regularly updated, client-specific webpage, we report to your group on important legislative activities specific to your aims and interests.

We will also provide written reports on the activities of the Maryland Legislature, Governor’s Office, and various government agencies. Coordinate legislative testimony before the legislature, legislative committees, and regulatory agencies regarding bills and issues of interest to you in the State of Maryland. This includes testifying on your behalf as well as scheduling and preparing your representatives to testify.

Public Policy:
Grassroots & Grasstops

Provide political and other analyses of factors that might affect the legislative, administrative, and regulatory policies governing your industry and affecting your organization.

Create a set of legislative positions and strategies tailored to your needs in real time through regular meetings with your leadership team and members.

Build and maintain a grassroots lobbying effort by reporting at your meetings, writing for your publications, and establishing a key contact system for the legislative district(s) in which you work.

Work closely with and attend meetings of related associations to gain insight and information concerning relevant issues at both the State and National levels.

Identify, mobilize, and coordinate outside grassroots groups of other businesses, industries, and/or community leaders who will assist in synergistic, effective advocacy.

Association Management

We work with membership organizations and associations large and small to provide the services needed to stabilize and grow the organization or association.

Services range from day-to-day management operations, to membership recruitment and retention programs, to meeting and event planning.

A key element is our capability to establish and maintain a statewide network of interested members, keeping them informed and involved in pertinent legislative activities within Maryland.